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SSH security issue, new apps, BitKey for Bitcoin, an epiphany on values and other stories

Round of announcements:

  1. Security update regenerates stale SSH ECDSA host key

    Thanks to Peter Lieven from KAMP.de for discovering a stale ECDSA host key which was leftover from the build process. We've issued a security update to regenerate it automatically within the next 24 hours:


  2. We have 16 new apps lined up for the upcoming 13.1 release:

Enabling Debian 6.0 LTS Security Support

Without action on your part, legacy TurnKey 12 / Debian 6.0 (AKA Squeeze) based systems will no longer receive automatic security updates. Next time there is a remotely exploitable security vulnerability your system could get compromised.

If you're not ready to upgrade to Debian 7.0 you may want to consider manually enabling the new (experimental) LTS security updates.

Read more:


TurnKey 13 critical security issue (Heartbleed / CVE-2014-0160)

Without action, your TurnKey 13 installations may remain vulnerable to the critical Heartbleed OpenSSL attack (DSA-2896-1 CVE-2014-0160). This is not a theoretical attack. A remote exploit already exists in the wild.

TurnKey installations are configured to install security updates automatically. Unfortunately, installing the update is not enough.

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TurnKey 13 out, TKLBAM 1.4 now backup/restores any Linux system

This is really two separate announcements rolled into one:

  1. TurnKey 13 - codenamed "satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!"

Announcing TKLDev - TurnKey's new appliance development toolchain and build system

Drumroll please! Today we're very proud to announce the culmination of a multi-year effort to re-engineer TurnKey's development infrastructure with the goal of democratizing it so that the project's development toolchain is available to everyone.

The result is TKLDev, the new mother of all TurnKey appliances - a self-contained appliance that can be used to build any appliance (including itself) from source code. If you can handle running make you should be able to handle building an appliance:

TurnKey 12.1 maintenance release

Version 12.1 of the TurnKey Linux Virtual Appliance Library has been released.


TurnKey Linux 12.0 released with 100+ apps

The TurnKey Linux Virtual Appliance Library v12.0 has just been released with
over 100 appliances. 60 new applications. 7 supported AWS datacenter
regions. 7 supported build formats. 120 GBs worth of images just waiting
to be rsynced from 25 high-speed mirrors in 16 countries. Get it while
it's hot:


Liraz Siri
TurnKey Linux co-Founder
Cell: +1 650 963 5581

New Xen, OpenVZ and OpenStack builds + rsync/ftp mirrors

Meanwhile, deep underground, at our secret icy headquarters, the TurnKey winter elves have been working around the clock to bring you these special updates:

  • 3 new officially supported TurnKey appliance builds types for the hottest, richest and most fashionable virtualization technologies!

TurnKey 11.3 + new Hub features

Dear user,

Ho ho ho, happy holidays everyone! It's been ridiculously long since our last announcement. We've haven't been idle though. We just kept saying one more thing, and you know how time flies when you're having fun...

Without further fanfare, here's a brief digest of TurnKey developments since our last announcement.

Security notice, new features

Dear user,

It's been over two months since our last announcement. In part because we've been a bit too busy developing to notice how long it's been, but also because a lot of new features are coming out and we prefer big juicy announcements to small incremental ones. Those of you who want to stay abreast of the very latest developments are encouraged to subscribe to the blog.